Reno Cabinet Painting Service

Paint is not just for the interior and exterior walls of your property. We can also paint the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom – in fact, we can probably paint most home furniture – to give it a new lease of life and change the colors or stains. Painting cabinets is a cost-effective way of preserving the cabinets in your property, changing the color or finish at the same time. If you don’t plan on changing the layout of the kitchen, this can be the perfect way to cut costs and avoid unnecessary waste. Talk to our team about how we can help with cabinet painting services in Reno, Nv for your home, today.

Why Bother Painting My Cabinets?

Painting cabinets is great on a number of levels. Firstly, it can take less time, and cause less hassle than installing new cabinets. It also costs less and means you're not wasting otherwise perfectly functional cabinets. This is environmentally responsible. And best of all, you can paint most cabinet types, and choose from a broad range of colors and stains so you get the exact look you want - unlike buying off the shelf cabinets from a hardware store. Talk to the team at JCN painting & drywall LLC to learn more about how we can transform your kitchen or bathroom with cabinet painting reno, Nv.

Wooden cabinets are perfect for painting - but you can also paint different cabinet materials like laminates. Basically, if you can prepare a cabinet so that paint will adhere, through sanding or using a primer, you can paint it successfully. Some cabinets may have small areas of damage that should be fixed before painting - but unless there is significant damage, this can be tackled at the same time as repainting is done. Our contractors will be happy to look at the cabinets in your property to assess whether or not they will be suitable for painting, and which paint types might work best for you.

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Painting - Pros And Cons

Our team will talk you through the pros and cons of painting the specific cabinets in your home, in general though, painting cabinets can save money which means you can invest elsewhere in the home. This could mean spending more on appliances for example or having a bit extra to paint another room while you decorate. This can give you more freedom and also increase the value of the property. The only time we may advise against this is usually if the cabinet materials are too old and damaged, or of a material which is extremely resistant to painting. In this case, new cabinets might be your only option.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Cabinet Painters?

Well, the idea of painting your cabinets on your own may fascinate you, but it comes up with a lot of risks that cannot be overlooked. Also, you can’t escape your work, as you will have to see your painted stuff every day. Whereas, hiring professional cabinet painters can make your work a lot easy and provide various perks such as:

Optimal Outcomes

Seeking for professional painting services is always a good idea as it guarantees you great peace of mind and better results as well. When you hire professional painters, you pay them for their skills, experience, and proficiency. So, firstly consider hiring experienced painters and discuss your project with them at length. Professional painters use proactive approaches and tools to maximize the durability of the project and provide better results.

Time & Cost-Efficiency

When it comes to hiring a painter, always select one with prior in-field experience. Hiring an experienced painter means you do not have to guide them at each step and you can expect better outcomes. While relying on amateur painters is just like gambling your life-savings.

Time & Cost-Efficiency Your Heading Text Here

Professional painters plan the whole project before starting the practical work. That helps them in better management of time and budget. And, you can spend that time anywhere you want while, your kitchen and bathroom will be remodeled nicely.

What Makes Us
The Best Cabinet
Painting Company?

JCN Painting & Drywall LLC is your very own painting company that strive to deliver durable services to each of our valued customer with a high degree of personalization. You can always rely on us for steadfast kitchen and bathroom reno cabinet painting services. We use proactive equipment and eco-friendly products to provide you with pristine outcomes.

Along with our work, we ensure great customer care through our punctuality, time-scheduled work, and economical charges. We do not burden your pocket with extra or hidden charges but demand what’s fair. This is due to your trust and appreciation that has always pushed us to improve our work. For us, customer satisfaction is the biggest reward, and our proficient cabinet painters do not hesitate to go the extra mile to achieve that! And that’s what distinguishes us from the competition. So, why you will rely on rest when you have the best painting company just a call away! Contact us right away to discuss your project and get ready to get a fully transformed bathroom & kitchen in no time. contact us all across Reno, Nv. With us, you will get nothing but the best!

Our Reno Cabinet Painting Services

Find Out More About Our Cabinet Painting Services By Heading Over To The Contact Page And Giving The Team A Call. As Well As Cabinet Painting, We Offer A Full Range Of Other Painting Services For Residential And Commercial Customers, And We Are Proud Of Our Reputation As A Reliable And Affordable Team. We, Will, Be Happy To Visit Your Property In Reno, Nv And Assess The Cabinets To See If They Are Suited To Repainting, At Your Convenience.

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